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Miss World 2024

Krystyna Pyszkova, a remarkable lawyer and philanthropist from the Czech Republic, has been crowned Miss World 2024. Her proudest achievement includes establishing an English school for underprivileged children in Tanzania, where she also volunteered. Krystyna’s passion extends to music, and she enjoys playing the transverse flute and the violin. Additionally, she spent nine years in an Art Academy, fueled by her profound love for the arts12.

The grand event took place in Mumbai, India, marking the return of the Miss World pageant to India after 28 years. Karan Johar co-hosted the event, adding to the glamour and excitement. Congratulations to Krystyna Pyszkova on her well-deserved victory! 🌟👑🌎

India’s representative, Sini Shetty, a talented Bharatnatyam dancer, made it to the Top 12 but unfortunately did not secure a spot in the final race34.

Krystyna’s win brings pride to the Czech Republic and celebrates beauty, intelligence, and philanthropy on the global stage.